Cécile Parcillié

Illustrator Reykjavík

I like adventures, I like hidden treasures, I like when children play so much they forget where they really are, I like reading and melting in the book, I like watching beautiful cinema, I like painting, I like a lot of paintings and a lot of of painters, I also like many artists that don't paint, I like illustrated books, I like nature and its many forms, I like music when I draw, when I drive and when we dance. I like life in general, I like teaching art, as I like learning from it.


reykjavik school of visual arts

diploma in illustration


Icelandic university of the arts

art teaching

Iceland university of the arts

B A in fine arts

Lycée de la Camargue

Misa á niveau arts appliqués. (preparation course in design)

lycée jean Monnet

baccalaureat in fine arts and litterature



group exhibition, endurteikning / redraw, hönnunarmars, Listasafn Reykjavíkur - Reykjavík (illustrators chose a book cover they would have wished to illustrate and redesigned it.)


group exhibition, 9. PLASTER – International Festival of Graphic Design, centre of contemporary art in Torun - Torun, Poland (festival : design graphics from Iceland and – which is already a tradition of “Plastra” – confronting it with contemporary phenomena in Polish design art.)


group exhibition, Ex libris: mitt eigið bókasafn / my own library, borgarbókasafn, grófinni - Reykjavík (students in illustration designed ex libris stamps.)


traditional techniques pencil colored pencils watercolours inks pen nib digital colouring cut paper and collage shadow theater


adobe creative suite photoshop indesign illustrator after effects teacher english french icelandic